Gallery - Kitchen Knives

AEB-L and Koa Chef Set

Blade Steel: AEB_L, All blades radiused at the spine and choil
Blade Length: Gyuto-253mm, Western Deba-210mm, Petty-140mm
Pins and Spacers: 316SS
Handles: Black Corian and Stabilized Curly Hawaiian Koa
Box: Pine with black fabric covered foam inserts with finger reliefs for extracting the knives

AEB-L and Redwood Chef Knife

Blade Steel: AEB-L
Blade Length: 6"
Pins: 316SS
Handle: Stabilized California Redwood

1095 and Synthetic Ivory Paring Knives

Blade Steel: 1095
Blade Length: 3"
Handle: Faux Ivory
Pins: 316SS

Nitro-V and Stabilized Ziricote Chef Knife

Blade Steel: Nitro-V
Blade Length: 7"
Handle: Stabilized Ziricote
Pins: 316SS