Aldrich Knife & Tool - Knife design templates

About My Knives

    The knife is one of man's oldest tools. It is primal and in our DNA. When we use knives we are connected across time with our ancient ancestors. I try to keep that connection where possible by using natural materials like steel, iron, brass, copper, leather and figured woods. I make every effort to design my knives with performance and beauty in mind. A knife doesn't have to be pretty to work well but it sure doesn't hurt. I make every part of my knives from the blades and heat treating to the handles and sheaths. My blades are made using both hand forging and stock removal methods. While engraving, inlays and other embellishments can really dress up a knife, I believe the basic lines of the knife should stand on their own. I prefer to let elegant and flowing lines speak for themselves without the distraction of unnecessary ornamentation. I hope that my knives make you want to pick one up. Once in your hand you will notice how comfortable it is and how well it is balanced. I don't make art knives. I appreciate that some may choose to add one of my knives to a collection however my hope is that they will be used.